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Microblading, Microshading, and Microfeathering: What’s the Difference?

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These past few years have been phenomenal for eyebrow beauty. With new technologies such as microblading, women are finally able to achieve the perfectly shaped, semi-permanent eyebrows that they have always wanted. However, since these technologies are so new, a lot of the specifics are unknown to the public, especially about the different kinds of procedures available. Not a lot of people understand the difference between microblading and microshading, or between ombre and powder brows. Your friends at Skin by Sarah are here to clear some of this up for you so you can decide what technique is best for you.

First off, there are three main techniques that are used for permanent eyebrow tattoos. There’s microblading, microshading, and microfeathering. Let’s dive a little deeper!

Microblading vs. Microshading

The difference between microblading and microshading is in both the application technique used and the final results. For microblading, your permanent tattoo artist will use a thin needle to create hair-like strokes on your eyebrow. The size of the needle allows them to be more precise with their design and create a more natural look. Overall, there is very little pain, if any at all, during this procedure and the recovery process is fairly quick.

Instead of creating thin, hair-like strokes, microshading (otherwise known as the ‘shadow effect’) uses tiny dots to fill out and thicken the eyebrows, rather than just adding volume to them. If you have sensitive skin and are trying to choose between microblading vs. microshading, the latter will be the best option for your skin type. 

microblading vs microshading

Microblading vs. Powder Brow

A powder brow, also known as ombre brows, is very similar to the results of microshading and creates a similar appearance to that of a powdered eyebrow pencil. When comparing ombre brows vs. microblading, there is one key difference: the tail end of the brow. 

Powder and ombre brows start with a lighter color and then become darker towards the end. The darker part either ends at the smallest tip of the eyebrow or the whole length of the bottom, often to a thickness of about a millimeter. This style of eyebrows, whether applied through makeup or permanent tattooing, is very popular right now.

Feathering vs. Microblading

Microfeathering uses the same technique as microblading, however, there’s one difference. Where microblading is used for the whole eyebrow, feathering is used in areas of the eyebrow where there are bald patches or spare hairs. Most people use feathering vs. microblading for the general upkeep of their eyebrow style and realistic results. 

If you’re still not quite sure which of these options is best for you, your artist can advise you. But no matter which form of procedure that you choose to go with, it’s important you use a permanent makeup artist with skill and experience. At Skin by Sarah, we’ve spent years training and perfecting our technique. Microblading results typically last between one and three years, and our customers keep coming back for their second and third procedures. Call us today at (760) 349-7159 to schedule your own microblading session and find out what everyone has been talking about!


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