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Since even before the time of Marilyn Monroe, bright red or vibrantly pink lips have been a highly-coveted facial feature for ladies. However, even though applying lipstick is a vital part of any makeup routine, applying it every single day can become quite a chore. With all these wonderful permanent makeup advancements being made, such as lash lifts and microblading, it is no wonder that lip color tattoos have finally hit the market.

Lip Tattoo San Diego

Permanent makeup lips aren’t simply for the outer edges of your lips, nor are they meant to plump your lips, as injections do. Essentially what your cosmetic tattoo specialist does during lip color tattoos is outline the lips with color and then fill them in, with specific and circular brush strokes, in order to create a blended and shaded appearance. Rather than using traditional tattoo ink, these lip tattoos will be done with pigment. Not only does this play into the targeted natural appearance, but it also ensures a quicker and more comfortable recovery. 

Before you even begin the procedure, your tattoo makeup artist will provide you with a wide array of colors to choose between, from bright cherry colors to something more similar to your natural lip coloring. Due to the permanence of this lip liner tattoo, you should be completely confident in the color you choose. At Skin by Sarah, we know that you might be dancing between a few different options and we are always more than happy to offer our advice or opinion. Being in the cosmetic tattoo industry, these creative decisions are part of our day to day lives and we genuinely enjoy putting in our two cents!

lip blushing San Diego

Lip Blushing San Diego

There will be a bit of pain during the permanent lip tint procedure, but the topical anesthetic administered by your cosmetic tattoo specialist will make it much more minor and dull. At Skin by Sarah, we want you to be as comfortable and confident going into this as possible so that you can focus more on your newly vibrant lips. 

After the procedure, you should expect your lips to be slightly swollen and sore for about ten days. By scheduling your lip liner tattoo session for a weekend, you can allow yourself some time to lay down and rest, which will speed up the recovery. You may notice that your lips will look a bit chapped, but this is all part of the healing process. Soon, you will see your lips revert back to their original smoothness and, around the two-week mark, you will see the final results. 

Although lip fillers can add quite a bit of volume to your lips, they can really put a dent in your wallet and are quite invasive. If you want to easily add more fullness, definition, and beauty to your lips, lip color tattoos are the best path for you. To schedule your lip tattoo appointment and start a new chapter in your life, call Skin by Sarah at (760) 349-7159. We look forward to helping you achieve your best self!