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One of the most popular styles of microblading is ombre brows. Otherwise known as powder brows, this technique creates a natural and realistic-looking eyebrow. In order to create the iconic ombre powder brow look, we start by using a lighter color at the start of your eyebrows (the part closest to your nose) and then fade to a darker color, to the outer tip of your brows. It sounds simple enough, yet having a trusted and qualified permanent makeup artist is key to creating your vision.

At Skin by Sarah, years of experience in the beauty and permanent makeup industry have allowed us to create a reputation as one of the best places to go in San Diego for ombre eyebrows and microblading of all kinds. We use only the latest technologies and practices in our microblading because we are fully committed to giving everyone the eyebrows that they have envisioned for themselves.

We do also understand that some people might not know what style will be best for them once they decide to go with microblading. At Skin by Sarah, we love to offer all kinds of advice on style and design. But ombre brows are more popular now than ever before and we recommend this style to everyone who is looking for eyebrows with a full, realistic appearance. Each person is unique and, when helping our clients choose a style, we take that uniqueness to create something beautiful. Your inner beauty should reflect your outer beauty and Skin by Sarah can get you there.

ombre powder brows

Benefits of Ombre Eyebrows

One reason that people love ombre brows is that the procedure is less invasive than that of standard microblading. The machine we use is much smaller because the strokes and dots that we use to create the ombre appearance are themselves smaller. Bleeding and pain are a part of microblading recovery, despite the design, but the gentle technique of ombre brows means that the recovery period is much quicker and less noticeable.

The effects of ombre brows also last longer than other types of microblading, although they are still influenced by the individual’s biology and lifestyle. The standard amount of time for the full effects of ombre brows is two to three years, and it is absolutely worth it. No matter who you are, you can not go wrong with ombre shading brows.

Powder Ombre Brows with Skin by Sarah

There is no better place to get ombre powder brows in San Diego than at Skin by Sarah. Our skills and experience in the industry is not the only thing that makes us to best of the best. It is our passion for making people feel beautiful and confident, above all, that truly makes us special. Everyone has the right to beauty and Skin by Sarah does everything within our power to help you achieve it. 

It’s time to make your dream a reality. To schedule your appointment or learn more about our ombre brow tattoo service, call us today at (760) 349-77159. We look forward to speaking with you!