In Brazil, the name for waxing is “depilação.” It was developed due to the unique style of swimwear worn famously on Brazilian beaches. We offer Brazilian waxing because of its cultural representation and because it has many benefits. It helps maintain hygiene, as well as reduces personal challenges women face in that sensitive area. Brazilian waxing strengthens the sense of femininity and heightens pleasure for a woman’s overall well-being.

Waxing is a wonderful option for those seeking long lasting silky smooth skin. For the best waxing results, your hair should be ¼ to ½ of an inch long before coming in for a treatment. If your hair is too long, we recommend trimming it. Waxing shorter hairs are more comfortable and the work gets done faster. Before your wax treatment, we recommend showering or using a cleansing wipe on the area. To minimize discomfort, we recommend taking pain relief medicine, such as ibuprofen, 30 minutes before your appointment. (Women should avoid waxes three days before or after their period, as the skin is the most sensitive during this time.) Waxing results can last 3-6 weeks.


Waxing is hygienic – Pubic hair collects germs that can cause bad odors. It can also cause a variety of skin irritations. Waxing your entire pubic region will dramatically reduce the risk of these problems.
Waxing gives you freedom – You can wear any bikini, or swimsuit you desire with confidence. Lingerie will look and feel better. Even your panties will feel more comfortable on a daily basis.
Waxing is Sensual – Most women report feeling more sensual when completely waxed.
Waxing is cost effective – At Skin by Sarah, we only charge $55 for a high quality Brazilian wax
Waxing is quick – In about 15 to 20 minutes you will be completely waxed and enjoying your new found freedom

Body Waxing

(Combinations of Hard and Soft Wax, Happy Trail included by request)

Brazilian Waxing (Women Only)


Full Leg & Bikini

Full Leg & Brazilian (Women Only)

Half Upper Leg (Women Only)

Half Lower Leg (Women Only)

Full Leg Roll-On

Half Arm

Full Arm

Half Back

Full Back




Chest (Men Only)

Stomach (Men Only)

Facial Waxing & Brow Treatments

(30 min. appt, reshaping and consulting how to fill in your brows with pencil or other tools based on your face shape and make-up use)

Full Face (with Brows)






Brow design

Brow tinting

NOTE: Other areas are available upon request. Waxing cannot be performed on clients who are taking Accutane™, and is not recommended for clients who are taking Retin A™, Renova™, Differin™, or other types of skin-thinning acne medications.