Free Microblading for Cancer Patients

chemo and microblading

There’s nothing more life-changing than a cancer diagnosis. In life, there will be many difficult responsibilities that await us, but to shoulder a battle with cancer can seem tremendously overwhelming. Any person suffering from cancer will crave normalcy and a chance to feel like they’re at home in their own bodies again. Those that will undergo chemotherapy know that hair loss is a reality they must unfortunately accept.

At Skin by Sarah, we understand that battling cancer can become a financial, physical and emotional burden, so we’ve decided to give back by doing what we do best–offer FREE microblading for chemo patients and survivors. Fighting cancer is tough enough so allow us to help in our way. We now offer microblading before chemo as well as microblading after chemo.

If you know someone or are a survivor yourself who would like to be considered for this exciting opportunity for microblading cancer patients, please feel free to fill out the form below. These complimentary microblading sessions are available to those with or have survived any cancer of all types. You must qualifiy for the treatment when you submit your application. See the details below to know if you qualify or give us a call at (760) 349-7159.


The microblading service for cancer patients includes ONLY the first microblading session and a complimentary touch up. Any future treatments will be subjected to charges. The touch up can be redeemed in 6-8 weeks following the initial service.

Before Chemo or Radiation

If you have been diagnosed and have at least 6 weeks before you start treatment, we can do brows on you to replicate your natural brows. Following this method will allow you to have artificial microbladed brows that will stay during your treatment even if you lose your natural eyebrows. We request that you bring proof of chemo treatment such as documentation from your doctor before you can be approved for this service.

After Chemo or Radiation

You must be completely off of chemo and radiation for at least 6 months and have been cleared by your doctor to receive permanent cosmetics. Many of our clients who have gone through chemo and radiation have noticed that their brows do not return completely or at all sometimes. During your free brow consult we will discuss what look with be best for your face.

Tell us your story below and let us know why you'd like a complimentary microblading session